Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Measures of General Health

Tobacco, alcohol, stress, accidents, of course, all those who want a long life, you should not smoke. If you are a smoker, there are already many books end, schools and methods to you. I do not want to try to add them. If you smoke one pack of cigarettes per day, plus a 700 percent increase your chances of developing lung cancer, the risk of mouth cancer increases by 900 percent, larynx cancer, 700 percent of the esophagus, 300 percent of the pancreas, 170 percent. Heavy smoking increases the risk of heart disease 2-3 times. Smoking causes more deaths from heart disease than from cancer, although lung cancer is the biggest threat perceived by the public. In mild to moderate alcohol consumption is not necessarily unhealthy, and, indeed, be a slightly positive factor in the prevention of heart disease. However, no alcohol is empty calories with no nutritional value in relation to the support of the GDR, so that the less alcohol, the better.

The combination of alcohol and tobacco is very bad. Cancers of the mouth and throat are twice to six times more common in heavy drinkers than in abstainers, and heavy drinking and thecombination smoking increases the risk of severe 15-fold. Among moderate smokers, those who drink too much face 25 times the risk of esophageal cancer than non-drinkers. There is no convincing evidence that stress in itself accelerates the fundamental process of aging, although it can potentiate the development of atherosclerosis, heart disease and possibly cancer (through its effect on other protective immune system can). Experiences of stress in mice made years at Brook haven National Laboratories have shown no effect on the survival curves. Stories, the sudden fright hair turn white overnight all testimonial evidence is simple. Animal studies with the "general adaptation syndrome" was close at one point that certain forms of stress, those that the animal state in a "fight or flight" of mind caused a sudden outpouring of adrenal hormones that speed up many of these hormones, certain features of aging. But the "general adaptation syndrome" was not accepted as a good model for aging. The relationship of stress on the "aging" is pending.

But in terms of susceptibility to disease, you should try certain types of stress: not as hard work, which is probably an advantage, but to avoid the stress of fear and frustration. 4 For a while we thought that the so-called "Type A behavior, characterized by ambition, competitiveness and a sense of urgency of the time predisposed increased risk to heart disease, but that idea is now question. The study points out how the socio-economic factors and behaviors, such as, for example, at work and loneliness at home, influence the risk of heart disease and other almost a new medical specialty. For a while at least, we hear different opinions. A recent study of 2320 men who had suffered a first heart attack was committed, the risk for a second opinion. The men were on the amount of stress in their daily lives and the extent to which they were considered socially isolated. attack on the second sentence emphasizes isolated people were four times more frequently than others, but there seemed little or no correlation with "Type A behavior" or "intensity" of the personality.

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