Thursday, June 10, 2010

God of War III

Entertainment is an action genre in the world! Third in a series of God of War here. Officially, 10March, God of War 3 open like hot cakes sold on the PlayStation 3 since then.
If you played the last two installments on PlayStation, the game Up Your Alley. Not much has changed, except the rest of the story. Actions more transparent, with excessive amounts of blood. And for fans of the series, this is not necessarily bad.
You play Kratos, a former member of the Ares (god of war before) and the master of the gods.After working his way up to the deity in unfortunate circumstances, can continue his quest for revenge.
Revenge is a theme that the basis for God of War Kratos tries, a sweet death for those who have been treated unjustly imposed in the past. The fact that most of the traitor appears the gods of Olympus were not the least Faze.
And the story continues. After the assassination of Zeus in the previous game to God of War 3, the task to complete in any way. Only this time, you have the Allies. You have already dismissed the Titans were encouraging at this point in the future, to their concept.
And that's where the story begins in the depths of Titan. The game begins with you riding in the back of the Titan Gaia, who directed and helped the God of War 2 games. From there, you should make your way to Mount Olympus, but other gods (Hades, Poseidon, etc.) on the road.
The goal remains the same. A look at the destruction of his father, Zeus. Fans of the series would be pleased to know us that the game has been improved. The actions fast and it is difficult in normal mode. Fights are always happy, like the blade of death in all respects.
Not to Athens leaves the Barbarian Hammer and "Spear of Destiny", Kratos now has restricted access to large quantities of arms and magic, he will take over the street. This adds an important element for the game that most weapons found in God of War 2 were just lacked the ability to shape the barbarians.
The story is well constructed, and pins from the beginning than the previous games in the series. Many of them praised the excellent sequence against Kratos goes in the game, but few of them dealt with history. In the face of the gods, mortals can not help but root for the anti-hero, is facing one of the gods Zeus.
God of War 3 will remain as one of the best shooters in the history of the genre. It has to strengthen all the elements of previous installments, during it. Some may say that God of War 3 does not really offer anything new, except a few combos, weapons, story and graphics.
It is true. But what are the elements that have made a number as a great success in the first place. Do not go to your nearest store and buy this epic game, if you're a real fan of this type of activity. You will not be disappointed.

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