Monday, May 17, 2010

Behind success and happiness

In life every person has its ups and downs we strive hard to conquer the mysteries of life to know our role in this world. Every day we experience failure and success but we don’t give up because we faith that in the end of the day we achieve our goal. Every one of us wants to achieve happiness and success in life.

There are no standard criteria for happiness and success, every person defines his own parameters or basis, and as we go on in our life we have the right to change or modify our basis to achieve our happiness and success in our life.
What appear below are some statements on how to achieve happiness and success in life.

Exposed to life

Of course you have to know your self, your capabilities, your strength and weaknesses, and you must have sense of self “an identity”. You must be open to experience to struggle to achieve the goals you set for your self. Don’t ignore your positive experiences which you encounter in every day life and you must be able to take in or hold those experiences.
You must be able to maintain a child-like capacity to be cheerful. Just think it will be great to keep the child in you throughout your life?
The best gift for happiness is something that comes from within.
You must not live in the past nor you dwell on the future; you should face the truth and deal to the real world as it is at this moment.
Each of us must do something, some meaningful activity which could give vent to our particular talent.
There are ways that simple people to have a better grasp of the realities of life would become happier. They have fewer dreams. Hope can be a measure of achievement, perhaps the willingness and capacity to hope is the key for their achievement.
People usually look at the cultural symbols of success – such as a huge house, luxury cars, jewelry, and lot of money. Instead, service is the terms to measure success: what one has done in the world to help others.
Live at peace
Peace must begin in ones self. By this you must love your immediate family members and you must have the capacity to love people – being concerned, caring and interested are part of loving. Loving enriches you. It is for better than being bitter and angry. Don’t be bitter, you must learn to forgive and forget. If you can’t forget, then you’ve not forgiven.
Aside from being at peace with your self another aspect of happiness is being peace with God, always communicate with Him for inner strength and joy.
Make them happy
Making other people happy contribute a lot to a person’s sense of well-being. You must know how to give and how to share.
Enjoy your work
Enjoy what you doing and doing it well is one of the aspects of success.
Happiness is being able to do what you like to do at your own pace, in your own sweet moment.
Never stop on trying
Never stop trying every moment in life is an attempt to scale a greater height. Explore every avenue in life.
Love what you do
Love what you do is making you more relaxed, more patient and less prone to stress.

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