Monday, July 5, 2010

Treatment of migraine

In extreme cases, a person would be required to consult a doctor and prescribed a stronger medication for use during the migraine attack. Fortunately, it's easy, proven methods that use most of the people at home to treat migraine can.
Once you get the suspicion of a migraine, take the smallest effective dose of a painkiller such as Advil or Tylenol. Do not overload your system with these drugs, because there are other problems such as ulcers and can cause reduced sensitivity over time. Instead, you start with the lowest dose suggested indicated on the packaging, and increase gradually every half hour if you need.
Then make sure you spend time in a private room with little or no low-light, sound, or smell. Close windows and doors to minimize the entry. Once the puzzle is starting to bear root at the slightest irritation of the connection. Peace, peace, tranquility and is what you need to melt and evaporate the headache to intensify instead.
Make sure to take on the soft, loose clothing and breathing, if possible. Want to stay warm but not too hot. Avoid all extremes in this situation. Prepare a hot compress, then lie under a light blanket with the pad on the forehead or neck. This is the tension in the muscles of the face and head to relax and to increase the flow of clean, oxygenated blood in the region. They can help you find the warmth, the entire relax and, if you're lucky, you will fall asleep until the pain goes away.

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